The workforce has been through quite a transformation the last few years. Through these changes came one incremental shift that will arguably have the biggest impact on the business world: more flexible working conditions.

Companies, some by choice and others by necessity, started giving their employees more say in how they work. Some opted to temporarily work from home during the pandemic, others permanently exchanged an office environment for full-time remote work, and some employees prefer the mix of a hybrid role.

Regardless of what option you chose, if you are working from home in any capacity, you know that this new lifestyle has come with new opportunities, new routines, and even new challenges. Despite its many perks, working from home can be a difficult adjustment for employees. In order to be productive and maintain work-life balance, it’s important to leverage your environment for success. Below are some tips for setting up your home office.

Designate an Appropriate Work Space

The space you work in matters just as much at home as it does in the office. However, unlike being in the office, it can be more difficult to designate a work space at home. You want to choose a space that offers you some semblance of privacy so you can focus on your tasks. If you struggle with work-life balance, you’ll want to work in an area of your home that’s separate from where you spend your personal time. Regardless of where you set up your workspace, make sure it gives you direct access to everything you’ll need to do your job, like a strong WiFi connection and ample room to keep your notebooks and pens. 

Communicate With Those Around You

If you’re not the only one who will be home during the workday, it’s important to set some boundaries for yourself. Make sure to communicate when you work so people know to respect your schedule during that time frame. Additionally, let everyone know when you have any big internal or client meetings scheduled so they know not only to keep their distance, but to keep their volume down as well. If you set up a home office in a separate room, you can even create a rule that when the door is closed, it means to give you your privacy.

Create Routines

A lot of employees thrive on routines. If you’ve shifted to remote work, your routines will look much different now than they did before. Consider creating a morning routine for yourself that gives you time to wake up and get focused so you’re in the right headspace before signing into work for the day. Rolling out of bed in the morning and logging right into Zoom or Slack can be damaging to your productivity and wellbeing.

How you set up your home office depends on the kind of environment you need to succeed. What works for one person might not work for you, so consider these tips and how to produce a space that works best for you and your needs.