About Jake Croman

Jake Croman is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, where he is an American Culture major in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Currently, his concentration lies within Jewish studies during World War II. Jake enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of Michigan’s American Culture program, a department which is held in high regard throughout academia as a premier center for American studies and scholarship. The program has also provided Jake with an opportunity to explore his intellectual interest in music within the larger context of American culture. He also enjoys that his coursework is helping him develop a framework through which he can understand social identities and our contemporary media landscape.


As a high school student, Jake Croman’s love of music and entrepreneurial bent motivated him to get involved in the music business when he was still a teenager. After recognizing there was a market in New York City to connect mid-range artists with talent bookers at local music venues, Jake took the initiative to fill this niche, working as an independent agent on commission. By taking his passion for music to the next level, Jake gained exposure to the business underlying New York City’s music and entertainment scene. Through this work, Jake has developed valuable negotiation skills and strategic networking experience; though, ultimately, being able to help talented artists gain exposure is what made Jake’s work in music rewarding for him.

Jake’s networking experience and logistical know-how extends to his work fundraising on behalf of charitable organizations. As a member of the Upsilon Chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Michigan, Jake helped spearhead Tau Kappa Epsilon’s efforts to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, a campaign for which the fraternity was recognized as one of the most charitable fraternities in the midwest.

An emerging entrepreneur, Jake Croman has offered business advice on media platforms like Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, and SCORE.org, the latter a premier organization that helps small business owners start and grow their enterprises. His unique experience allows him to give insight into how young entrepreneurs can start professional careers while still in college. In fact, Jake believes that college is the best time to start developing your business and career goals with so many opportunities and resources to learn.

Outside of Work

In addition to his fundraising work with St. Jude’s, Jake Croman continues his involvement with the Eddie Croman Foundation, which is a subsidiary of a larger nonprofit organization known as Frankie’s Friends. Growing up in a family of pet lovers, Jake knows first-hand what the bond between pet owners and their pets is like. Donations to the Eddie Croman Fund help save pets’ lives by financing grants to cover the cost of veterinary care for pet owners who cannot afford the full cost of their pet’s medical treatment. Jake’s family credits him with conceiving of the original idea to establish the Eddie Croman Fund. He also designed and developed the Fund’s initial website.

Among his varied interests, Jake enjoys researching and examining Millennials and technology, two resources he hopes to leverage in his future business endeavors. In his spare time, Jake enjoys spending time and collaborating with his friends and family. Since childhood, he remains dedicated to his Jewish faith and is a member of the NYC Chabad.

Jake Croman