New York City might not be the city with the most startups in the world, but it’s one of the best markets for innovation and entrepreneurship in the world. In 2015, Startup Genome ranked NYC as the fifth largest startup ecosystem across the globe.

There are so many exciting entrepreneurial opportunities and activities in NYC. Even the high cost of living contributes to a growing startup community. The City of New York has presented many initiatives to help create a healthy entrepreneurial environment.

New companies are always created and shaking things up. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, here are some of the top businesses in the Big Apple you should check out:


Fundera, an online marketplace designed to help small businesses, connects founders with top candidates that provide funding for their companies. Pre-screened lenders assemble the best funding sources and ensure that owners receive fair rates and terms on each loan they recieve. Fundera’s system can save you a ton of time and rejection so owners to can create a functional business as soon as possible.


Ranked at Number 19 on LinkedIn’s 2018 ranking of some of the most sought after companies. The startup recently earned $100 million in funding and launched two new products: the InVision Studio and Design System Manager. In 2016 and 2017, the company made seven major acquisitions including Macaw, Napkin, Waybury, with clients including Amazon and Uber.


Last year, TechCrunch reported that TimeScale was leading the way in NYC database tech. Indeed, the company is a a first-time series database designed for scale, easy-to-use, complex queries. The open-source data powered by SQL analyzes time-series data with a query language your partners already know and the software also helps enrich data insights.

United Masters

Democratizing music creation was bound to occur at some point and United Masters is paving the way for musical creators. The startup allows independent artists to succeed without a record contract. Through data-backed tools it helps artists reach audiences at the right time.


Want to optimize your workflow? HyperScience comes with a simple processes. The company’s team of engineers, designers and product managers have a strong foundation in artificial intelligence. Their deep learning, image recognition, natural language processing and audio analysis allow them to combine revolutionary tools that maximize workflows, optimize time-management and contribute to an easier workday.


Redefining personal data privacy and protection, BigID seeks to transform the way enterprises protect and manage their privacy and personal data. Since major organizations are facing record breaches of personal information and proliferating global privacy regulations, BigID provides companies with the tech tools that help them track and govern their customer data at scale. The company has offices in NYC and Israel and is founded by data security industry veterans with experience in the identity, data security and big data and governance markets.